Clatsop County Sheriff's Office

Forest Patrol Vehicles

"Public Safety Is Our Number One Concern"

The Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency for rural Clatsop County residents and visitors.  The Sheriff’s Office is divided into five primary divisions.  The Criminal Division is responsible for providing public safety services to our citizens.  The Corrections Division is responsible for the safe and secure custody of pre-sentenced and sentenced inmates in our jail and on work crew.  The Parole and Probation Division is responsible for providing  assistance and maintaining accountability for those people on parole and probation in our community.  The Support Division provides support services to each division such as evidence/property control they also provide direct services to the public such as civil service and weapon permits.  The Animal Control Division operates the Animal Shelter and provides investigative and enforcement services to our rural citizens.  Please visit the links to view more detailed information for each division.

The Sheriff’s Office is a full service law enforcement agency that provides services throughout the entire criminal justice system for Clatsop County.  We take pride in serving our citizens with the highest level of integrity and respect.

Sheriff Tom Bergin has served as Sheriff since January 2005 and is a leader in the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association and also a member of Western States Sheriff’s Association.  Since taking Office Sheriff Bergin has worked diligently to provide the highest level of service at the best possible cost.  One result was the inclusion of Parole and Probation and Animal Control into the Sheriff’s Office reducing management and overhead costs which led to a higher level of services being provided directly to those that need them.

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