Zoning Guide

Zoning Guide

 Find out the zoning of a piece of land by using Web Maps. Here's how:

1. Use the "Search" options on the right side of the map to find the property of interest.
2. Once zoomed into the property, go to the "Map Layers" tab on the right side of the map and turn on the "Zoning" layer.
3. On the toolbar at the top of the page, open the "Advanced Tools" menu and click the "Identify" tool.
4. Click on the property, and the zoning information should appear in the "Results" tab on the right of the map.


Use this guide for zoning information, setback requirements and permitted uses for your property. Clatsop County’s Land Use Planning office can provide additional zoning information Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by phone at (503) 325-8611 or by e-mail to comdev@co.clatsop.or.us

Zoning Information in PDF Format



  • (AC-RCR)  Arch Cape Rural Community Residential
  • (AC-1) Aquatic Conservation-1            
  • (AC-2) Aquatic Conservation-2
  • (AD) Aquatic Development                           
  • (AF) Agriculture-Forestry
  • (AN) Aquatic Natural
  • (AO) Airport Overlay
  • (CBR) Coastal Beach Residential
  • (CR)  Coastal Residential
  • (CS) Conservation Shorelands
  • (EAC) Ecola Aquatic Conservation
  • (EFU) Exclusive Farm Use
  • (GC) General Commercial
  • (F-80) Forest-80
  • (HI) Heavy Industrial
  • (KS-RCR) Knappa and Svensen Rural Community Residential
  • (LI) Light Industrial
  • (LW) Lake and Wetlands
  • (MI) Marine Industrial Shorelands
  • (MR) Military Reserve
  • (NAC-2) Necanicum Estuary Aquatic Conservation
  • (NC) Neighborhood Commercial
  • (NS) Natural Shorelands
  • (NU) Natural Uplands
  • (OPR) Open Space, Parks, Recreation
  • (PMP) Park Master Plan
  • (RA-1) Residential Agricultural-1
  • (RA-2) Residential Agricultural-2                
  • (RA-5) Residential Agricultural-5              
  • (RA-10) Residential Agricultural-10
  • (RCC) Rural Community Commercial
  • (RCI) Rural Community Light Industrial
  • (RCC-LI) Rural Community Commercial  Light Industrial
  • (RCR)  Rural Community Residential
  • (RC-MFR) Rural Community Multi-Family Residential
  • (RM)  Recreation Management
  • (RSA-SFR) Rural Service Area-Single-Family Residential
  • (RSA-MFR) Rural Service Area-Multi-Family Residential
  • (SFR-1)  Single Family Residential- 1
  • (TC) Tourist Commercial
  • (QM) Quarry and Mining
  • (UBG) Urban Growth Boundary

Zoning Overlay District Information in PDF Format



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