North Clatsop Plains Sub-Area Plan

North Clatsop Plains Sub-Area Plan

NEW In 2010, the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment provided funding approval to Clatsop County to prepare a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) to address encroachment and compatibility issues between Camp Rilea and its surroundings. Clatsop County completed the Camp Rilea JLUS in June 2012.

The Clatsop Plains Sub-Area Plan, (not to be confused with the ‘Clatsop Plains Community Plan’, originally adopted in 1980), has now been funded to implement the findings of the JLUS plan and develop a sub-area plan for the Clatsop Plains region that will include information and planning goals for topics including:

  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Trails
  • Water Quality
  • Infrastructure

This sub-area plan aims to implement appropriate strategies from the JLUS to promote long-term compatibility. The plan will provide specific language for planning and development around Camp Rilea to minimize future incompatible development. In addition, the sub-area plan will include appropriate technical studies to provide the data and information needed to design appropriate policies and implementation strategies.

Advisory Committee

Pat Corcoran                                         OSU, Oregon Sea Grant

Tom Horning                                          Seaside Planning Commission, Consulting Geologist

Bill Johnston                                          ODOT

Mark Kujala                                           City of Warrenton

Tom Manning                                         Clatsop County Emergency Management

Philip McCurdy                                      Resident

Larry McKinley                                      ODOT

Jim Miller                                              Oregon Military Department

Jennifer Purcell                                      DEQ, North Coast Regional Solutions Team

Patricia Roberts                                     Citizen

Tessa James Scheller                            Warrenton Trails Association, North Coast Watershed Association

Robert Stricklin                                      Resident

Bill Vagt                                                Oregon Military Department

Ed Wegner                                            Clatsop County Public Works

Patrick Wingard                                     DLCD, North Coast Regional Solutions

Bruce Francis                                        Resident

Scott Tucker                                        National Park Service

Jennifer Bunch                                    Clatsop County Community Development

Minutes and Agendas

Feb. 12, 2013 meeting agenda

Feb. 12, 2013 meeting minutes

March 7, 2013 meeting agenda

March 7, 2013 meeting minutes

April 11, 2013 meeting agenda

April 11, 2013 meeting minutes

May 2, 2013 Open House agenda

Public Notices

March 7, 2013 meeting notice

April 11, 2013 meeting notice

May 2, 2013 Community Open House

Project Materials

Final Draft Plan

Existing Conditions Report - Clatsop County Community Development

North Coast Basin Water Quality Status and Action Plan - DEQ

Nitrate Risk Factors - DEQ

Online Drinking Water Data – Oregon Public Health Authority